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Diana's Song

My latest musical effort to go live to the public, this is a remix of the score to a very cool video game called Kingdom Hearts.  It was inspired by a very special person who walked into my life, seemingly out of nowhere, exactly one month ago today.  With every passing day, her love shows me new possibilities, and keeps me moving forward and upward in my personal evolution.  This is her song.

Hell’s Kitty - Web Series

As of this past week, I’ve officially joined the production team working on up-and-coming web series “Hell’s Kitty”.  It is a comedic horror, and my role will vary from episode to episode…everything from helping with production sound to camera work and production assistance.  You can more information regarding the show and even view and currently released episodes at their website, which is listed as a link below.


Papa Joe Networks - Casting Call

We shall be shooting our next music video on June 29th, and are looking for extras for one of the scenes.  Volunteers must dressed in raver attire to participate in the scene.  Anyone who volunteers in the scene will be given proper accreditation via IMDB upon the video’s release.  For more information, feel free to contact me at 909-573-8752.


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